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Solaris 8 in VMware

posted Jan 8, 2012, 7:04 AM by hyunghwan chung   [ updated Jan 8, 2012, 7:17 AM ]
VMware Server 1.0.10 on Windows XP

Solaris 8 X86 Platform Edition 10/01



Openwindow not shown in session list.
Openwindow binaries all available in /usr/openwin

Opening XDMCP session from Ubuntu -
    Xnest crashes with segmentation fault after having shown initial dtsession
        Xnest alone also crashes if multiple screens are specified on the command line (Version: xnest 2:1.9.0-0ubuntu7.6)
        Xnest -geometry 1024x768 -scrns 2 -ac :5

    Xephyr loops back to the login screen
        Xephyr -screen 1024x768 -query sol8vm -ac :2
        $HOME/dt/sessionlogs - complains about Xinemara request
        /usr/dt/bin/dtwm seems to make a xinemara screen couint request.
        /usr/dt/bin/dtscreen or /usr/dt/bin/dtcalc ran with no problems.
            Xephry -screen 1024x768 -ac :2
            telnet to sol8vm
            $ DISPLAY=tpedge:2.0 /usr/dt/bin/dtcalc

    Interim solution => Xephyr without xdmcp but fake single-screen xinemara via xdmx
        sudo apt-get install xdmx
        Xdmx +xinerama -xinput local -display :2  -ac :3
        telnet to sol8vm
        $ DISPLAY=tpedge:3.0 /usr/dt/bin/dtsession

Solaris 8 X86 Platform Edition 04/01